You've been TRICKED, Time Traveller Edition

Poll: Tricked throughout space and time?
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You've been TRICKED, Time Traveller Edition
Well now. Wool over eyes, hood has been winked.
Even in the past, in a time before Tricks were Tricks, there exists Tricks.
If you happen to be here, either you're curious or you happened to find such a neo-vintage trick.
Either way, have some smooth, minty jams. Wont make you any less tricked throughout space and time, but they are some good jams.

(And yes, I did fall for it before this thread even existed. Always in the places/times you least suspect, eh?)

Oh, and try to keep this place a small secret. Let folks trickle here on their own, for, ah. Reasons you may already know. Or not.
Anyways, feel free to post here about how you were tricked through time, or to test out the wonky formatting of years past.
It's really clunky.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.