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It's a note...
awkwardcarapace Wrote:Youuu’re probably not going to get this but it’s worth a shot.

Hey. It’s awkwardcarapace, the guy who intruded upon your universe at a pretty terrible time (yes yes I know you can call me whatever you want), back in my own time and place. Can you believe I missed five months of history? Yeesh. Turns out things aren’t as “spiritually harmonious” as I remember them to be, haha.

My controller player thankfully took a break from using the website after they lost me in the transfer! There was no awkward replacing or anything like that they’re just glad to start using me again. Hawkspace is still the same old same old. The overhaul made things far more secure from spambots and prettied up the CSS functions - and the mods’ strategy worked! It did indeed attract new users to Eagle Time. I’m really glad there’s activity here again.

But! That’s all beside the point. I’m writing to you guys ‘cause I think I owe you guys an apology - I regret going dark on that thread when you guys were preparing for me to enter. I was kind of stuck in a bit of a crisis, you know? I didn’t want to interrupt a sensitive situation so I just thought going ahead and entering the universe silently would be the best option.

Well, turns out that had some unintended consequences... sorry about the Eagle Time spillover, by the way. Totally my bad. Like I said, breaking a window on a spaceship. You know how it is.

I had intended to report back to you guys sooner, but... I was starstruck by this whole new universe. The muffyverse, you called it? My god, was it breathtaking. There’s so much... life everywhere. So many sights and stories to see. I was completely distracted - I just had to explore more! And by the time it occurred to me I should give you guys an update - and return to the thread - well, you know what happened then.

I hope you can’t blame me too much for not responding, though.

Your universe is strange and scary and expansive and beautiful. You’ve created something wonderful and, despite my or my forumites’ actions, I hope it goes on forever.

Thank you so much!

- aC
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